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Indian wedding photography & Videography involves a great deal of thought and expertise Indian wedding photography/videography is a very vital and indispensible element of any Indian wedding.

An Indian wedding ceremony is not just like any other wedding and there are so many complexities involved. When considering getting pictures of the wedding taken, it is more than advisable that you get a photographer who understands the subtle intricacies of an Indian wedding.

For instance, an Indian wedding would have what is known as the Sangeet ceremony, Mehndi night This calls for a photographer who has experience in shooting such a ceremony. This is simply because it is only a photographer/videographer who has the experience, would be able to relate with all the various customs that are associated with such a ceremony.

Capturing the very essence of the wedding calls for Indian wedding photography
Only Indian wedding photographer/videographer would be able to understand how to capture all the precious moments of something as dear and memorable as a Sangeet ceremony. There are so many glorious moments that have to be captured and stored on film forever. Things like people singing songs, music being played, people dancing, children playing, people laughing, eating and being merry…and it takes place all through the night.

For all these moments to be captured in the right manner, it calls for a good Indian wedding photographer. The photographer/videographer would only be able to get the very best if he or she understood what the ceremony is all about and how the shots have to be taken. Only good Indian wedding photographers would really understand the secret of taking beautiful and memorable pictures at such a ceremony.

Let’s not forget the Mehendi party This is a party that is also a very essential part of every traditional Indian wedding ceremony. Here too it is very important to get the right photographer/videographer because from the time it takes to apply the Mehendi in all the various designs imaginable, to the time it takes for it to dry, the photographer has to be able to understand what shots have to be taken and when they must be taken.

These photographs are very crucial because the Mehendi is like a temporary tattoo. In 2 to 4 weeks, the Mehendi designs will have vanished and all that would remain are the memories captured by the photographer. And if the photographer is not good at capturing these moments, then the pictures of this ceremony would be a disaster. Thus, there are various aspects to Indian wedding photography that are to be taken into consideration, to ensure that every moment of the wedding is captured in just the right way that it should be – forever

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